Preparing your child for school

Chestnut Playgroup has close links with Linton Infant School and much attention is made in preparing your child for school.  From teaching them the basic skills they will need in a school setting to giving them the confidence to interact in a larger group of children, the staff work with your child throughout their time at playgroup. Chestnut staff have termly cluster meetings with Infant School foundation staff to share information and maintain a close relationship.
In your child's final year at Chestnut Playgroup, and especially in the summer term before they start school in September, the playgroup and the school work together to make sure your child is familiar with their new school, has met their new teacher and had the opportunity to enjoy fun activities at the school, such as story times and play sessions.  The aim is to make them feel as comfortable as possible so that their first day will not seem so daunting. 

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